Accessibility at Anderson Therapy Services

Anderson Therapy Services has an extensive history of making its clinics and programs accessible to individuals with disabilities. We are committed to being an accessible therapy services provider in Canada.

Defining Accessibility

“Accessibility is best defined as the provision of flexibility to accommodate each [individual’s] needs and preferences when used with reference to persons with disabilities, any place, space, item or service, whether physical or virtual, that is easily approached, reached, entered, exited, interacted with, understood or otherwise used by persons of varying disabilities, is determined to be accessible.”

Website Accessibility

Anderson Therapy Services has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all existing websites conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A.

Going forward we will:

  • Ensure that all web content developed internally and externally meets the information and communication standard and that all external web developers/vendors have the necessary expertise to develop such content.
  • Take in to consideration Guests disabilities when adding daily content to the website and/or social media where feasible.

Our Accessibility Policies

Our policies on accessibility are guided by the principles of independence, integration and equal opportunity. These apply to clients, caregivers, staff, contractors and visitors to our clinics. We are also under the obligation and the responsibility that all members of our clinics are able to accommodate clients and individuals with disabilities.

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