Challenging Behaviours

Behaviour Therapy uses principles and techniques of Applied Analysis (ABA) to decrease a wide-range of challenging behaviours that limit participation in daily activities and/or interaction with others. Behaviour therapy works by identifying why the person engages in these challenging behaviours, and teaches them a new way to have these needs met in a more appropriate manner. Positive reinforcement is used to increase these desirable replacement behaviours, and caregivers are taught how to maintain these behaviour changes over time.

Some examples of behaviours that can be addressed using behaviour therapy:

  • Aggression towards others (e.g. hitting, kicking, biting)
  • Property destruction (e.g. throwing, ripping or breaking items)
  • Tantrums (e.g. crying, screaming, falling to the floor)
  • Non-compliance with simple instructions
  • Stereotypic motor movements and vocalizations (e.g. repeating words or phrases, hand flapping)
  • Self-injury
  • Elopement (e.g. running away from a caregiver or designated area)

Anderson Therapy Services works with healthcare providers, educators, insurance companies, case managers as well as lawyers to ensure comprehensive client care. Our services cater to the needs of the child and their family. As a result, therapy sessions range in length, frequency, and duration. Sessions are tailored to your child’s age and interests and will also include a strong parental training component. We pride ourselves on providing engaging services that best meet the needs of the child.

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