Psychological/Psychoeducational Assessments

Are you concerned with your child’s reading, writing or math progress? Is your child struggling with hyperactivity, inattention or concentration? Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour or emotions?

Anderson Therapy Services provides psychological and psychoeducational assessments to school-aged children, adolescents, and young adults. Our psychological associate and psychometrist meet with parents and administer standardized testing to determine how a child learns and sees the world. A detailed report outlining your child’s strengths and needs is then provided. Recommendations to positively enhance your child’s education, social, family and community life will be included.

Assessments usually need to be completed face-to-face with the child. However, there are times when we can minimize office time through email, video or phone consultations. Many follow-up services can also be offered this way. Your unique situation will be discussed!

What We Do

Psychological/Psychoeducational Assessments are most valuable and accurate with a mix of interviews (with parents, children and sometimes teachers), observation, and formal testing. Follow up services include therapy and counselling, to help develop and support cognitive, academic, social, and emotional development.

A psychological or psychoeducational assessment can benefit almost anyone. From children struggling with early literacy skills, to a teenager preparing for college but wondering if they can handle the written demands of their chosen program. A profile outlining individual strengths and needs will be provided, along with any programming and supports that will help an individual meet his / her potential.

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