What is Accent Modification Therapy?

Adults may seek accent modification therapy if they are experiencing difficulty being understood in the following situations:

  • When speaking with their boss, colleagues, or employees
  • When interacting with clients over the telephone
  • When delivering work-related presentations or hosting meetings
  • During social interactions with family and friends

Accent Modification Therapy

Accent modification therapy allows clients to work towards achieving clearer and more concise speech as well as to increase their self-confidence when speaking English. At Anderson Therapy Services, our team uses materials and modification techniques developed by LDS, one of the world leaders in accent reduction training. Written materials, audio-recordings, and computer programs are used in conjunction with individual and group coaching to provide the skills needed for successful accent reduction. The materials used are specifically designed to provide intensive and practical instruction for the non-native English speaker.

Accent modification therapy begins with an extensive evaluation of speech patterns then develops into an individualized program to help achieve optimal results.

Our comprehensive accent reduction training includes:

  • Pronunciation of job-related terminology
  • Role playing of important business and social encounters
  • Introduction of consonant and vowel systems
  • Intonation instruction covering pitch, stress and the melodic “flow” of the English language
  • Online or in-person training options

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