“Lively Letters”

A Fun & Unique Program for Struggling Readers of All Ages

At Anderson Therapy Services, we are great advocates for Lively Letters – a fun and unique literacy program designed to help struggling readers and spellers of all ages, by teaching letter-sound knowledge through a multi-disciplinary approach. We use this approach in our everyday therapy and is the main feature of our Lively Letters Summer Camp we run each summer.

These are the key features of the program:

  • Lively Letters begins by introducing students to letters through funny stories, catchy songs and hand-movements to remember the sounds that each letter makes.
  • Each letter in the program also has an embedded picture inside to explain what we need to do to make the sound (e.g. The “m” has a picture of lips embedded in the letter to remind us that we need to put our lips together to make the “mmm” sound).
  • After learning each sound, the program then progresses by having students read and spell words using pictures of the letter characters.
  • Eventually, students will transfer this knowledge by applying what they have learned to reading and spelling words and sentences without the use of the pictures.

Over the summer, our team of speech-language pathologists and communicative disorders assistants work hard to create our “Lively Letters” camp. We can accommodate children of all ages who need that bit of extra support in their literacy skills. Every child we’ve had has enjoyed the program and made good progress with their literacy goals.

Learn More About Lively Letters

Are you interested in learning more about your child’s literacy development? Our team of speech and language professionals has been trained in implementing great strategies like the Lively Letters program into therapy sessions. Contact us today to find out about our options for summer camps as well as individual and group therapy sessions. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.