My child has autism, and I am looking for therapy services. Does Anderson Therapy Services Inc. meet all the requirements to provide services through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP)?

The short answer is, YES! Anderson Therapy Services Inc. meets all the requirements to provide services through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). We have written this quick guide to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.  

So, what is the OAP? 

The OAP is a program through the Ontario Government that offers supports to families or children and youth on the autism spectrum. Children and youth who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by a professional are eligible for the program. Supports are received until the youth is 18.  

I am familiar with the OAP, as I have received my OAP funding, now what? 

If you already have obtained your OAP funding, you are eligible to claim expenses of the following services through the OAP Interim One-Time funding or Core Clinical Services Funding.  

I am interested in learning more about Behaviour Therapy, how can it help my child? 

Behaviour therapy uses the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis to decrease challenging behaviour and increase the child’s skills repertoire to promote success in the child’s natural environment. We work on social skills, daily living skills, behaviour management, school readiness skills, independence skills and emotional regulation!  

How often are therapy sessions?  

It is important to note that behaviour therapy services are individualized to each child and their needs. For a lot of children, early intervention is very important. In fact, research shows that early intervention for children with autism is very likely to have substantial long-term positive effects on their skill development. The amount of early intervention your child receives will depend on the goals for service. Therapy sessions will incorporate your child’s interests- whether their interests are trains, Peppa Pig or dinosaurs- we’ll make it an enjoyable experience! We offer services 1-3 times per week for 1–3-hour sessions to work with your schedule and your goals! 

I am interested in getting started with Behaviour Therapy, what are the next steps 

  • Call our admin team at (289)-238-8598 or email at and one of our dedicated members will contact you with the next steps.