Option 1: Needs and Strengths Assessment 

  • Combination of observation and interviewing caregivers and other relevant parties involved 
  • Individualized written report with priority goals and clinical service recommendations 

Option 2: Focused Consultation for Skill Building and/or Treatment of Challenging Behaviour 

  • Needs and Strengths Assessment or Functional Behaviour Assessment conducted by a BCBA 
  • Individualized Behaviour Plan 
  • Initially, weekly treatment/consultation sessions with the Behaviour Therapist will most likely be recommended (based on initial assessment), with the long-term plan of decreasing frequency of sessions over time 
  • Caregiver mediated/parent coach model of intervention 
  • Caregiver capacity building through training specifically individualized to your child’s Behaviour Plan 
  • Progress summary report as requested by caregivers and/or at end of service  
  • Interdisciplinary consultation (SLP, OT, Physio, Art Therapy) is also available on an as needed basis 

Option 3: Parent/Caregiver Webinars (COMING SOON!) 

  • 1 hour education sessions to provide an introduction to applied behaviour analysis topics to supplement consultation sessions. 
  • Topics include (but are not limited to): Introduction to ABA, communication skills, managing challenging behaviour, play and social skills, adaptive living skills. 
  • Appropriate for parents, caregivers, support staff, educational staff, etc. 


  • Anderson Therapy Service’s Board Certified Behaviour Analysts ® work with families with children who have received Ontario Autism Program funding 
  • To learn more about the Ontario Autism Program, reach out to our team, and please visit: 


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