With summer approaching and life heading to our new normal, now is the time to explore summer camps for your children! At Anderson Therapy Services, we are offering four different in-person summer camps throughout summer 2022!

1. Learn, Listen and Play – a school readiness camp for children entering JK, SK and Grade 1!

2. Crack The Code – a social skills camp for teens!

3. Express Yourself – a self-regulation and expressive communication camp!

4. Lively Letters – a literacy camp for kids entering JK, SK and Grades 1-5!

Why summer camp?

Aside from the benefits of each themed camp, summer camps offer a variety of benefits for children!

1. Summer camps nurture social skills by providing opportunities for children to interact with a variety of peers, including new peers! Over the last two years, children haven’t been able to interact and socialize the way they typically would. The stress of the pandemic and several lockdowns have created challenges in developing social skills, including creating and maintaining new friendships. Camp provides a safe environment for children to work on developing social skills, make new friends and have fun. Our summer camps are the perfect way to provide a social bridge between the school years!

2. Since children are on summer break, we utilize fun and engaging educational activities in our camps. Our camps are themed, targeting different academic and self-help skills. You pick the camp that you feel best suits the need of your child and you can feel comfortable that your child will not only have fun but will also be learning skills!

3. Our camps are run by clinicians, who have developed the materials and lessons for each camp. The camps will also have volunteers to assist with the day-to-day operations. You can feel comfortable that your child is being taught by fun professionals from a variety of fields of work!

Interested in learning more information about the summer camps we have to offer? Register here or contact our office at (289) 238-8598|info@andersontherapy.ca