A Few Great Pandemic Children’s Books

“When The World Stays Inside” by Mikey Woz

Offers a positive take on social distancing amid the pandemic.

“Listening to My Body” by Gabi Garcia

Helps children name their emotions and figure out the physical sensations they cause to cope with hard times.

“Kelly Goes Back To School” by Lauren Block

Helps kids navigate this unusual school year amid the pandemic.

“Monster Dance”

This upcoming multimedia book aims to keep young children comforted, empowered and informed during the pandemic.

“Share your Rainbow” by R J Palacio

Illustrators bring to life the rainbows displayed in windows amid the pandemic in this book about caring for others.

“Finding Francois” by Gus Gordon

This story touches on relevant topics like grief and long-distance friendships.

“Lily & Timmy’s Super, Awesome, Incredible Covid-19 B-Day!” by Mike Farrell & Jacob Horn

This uplifting book finds humor and joy in the chaos, loss and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic

“Thank you, HELPERS” by Patricia Hegarty & Michael Emmerson

This tribute to doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery workers and others shows the value of the helpers in our pandemic world.

“Germs are not for sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick

This book teaches young readers about everyday ways to prevent the spread of germs.